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Who is the most fashionable and beautiful of all American first ladies?

43 presidents and about 300 years later, it is time to conclude which of the first ladies has/had the best eye for fashion. Compared and listed below are all the first ladies in American – who have represented the american dream, the perfect +middle aged American woman but also many times a quite dull taste […]

Wanna look like a super model – before or after photoshop?

What we desire isn’t even real? What we desire and aspire to look like has today turned into something that isn’t even real. Back in the days, the ‘super models’ signified a beauty that still was given only a lucky few, but could still be reached through training, staying in shape and lots of make-up. […]

Sometimes Beauty Can Be Scary

Well… beauty can be scary at Halloween, that is. I mean, in this competitive world, Halloween is the time of year when you will be most admired at your most “ugly” or scary. It’s a kind of bizarro-world where suddenly peer pressure is diverted towards outrageous caricatures of human fantasy… or something. And this year, […]

Fuck You – I’m beautiful!

Attitude, being able to bite back, self-respect and not letting anybody put you down. These are all highly contributing factors to feeling beautiful. Insecurities are often the gateway to being pushed around, mocked, bossed around and looked down on. Being able to say no, react, not letting anybody having a laugh on your behalf or […]

A Little Hate Never Hurt Anybody

This title is based on my opinion that being happy all the time and loving everything always is simply not healthy. The Coen brothers portrays this forced and constant obtimistic view on life in their latest movie ‘Burn After Reading‘ where two gym-employees finds a disc with top-secret CIA stuff, and decides to blackmail its […]