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We’re Back Baby!

Good God. It has been a very very strange year so far. I had fully intended to continue writing this blog, even wanting to step it up and write daily, but something happened… Actually lots of things happened, meaning that I’ve had to put pretty much everything on the back burner. But now we’re back… […]

Fuck You – I’m beautiful!

Attitude, being able to bite back, self-respect and not letting anybody put you down. These are all highly contributing factors to feeling beautiful. Insecurities are often the gateway to being pushed around, mocked, bossed around and looked down on. Being able to say no, react, not letting anybody having a laugh on your behalf or […]

10 Controversial Tips on How To Feel Beautiful

We all know the standard tricks to boast our perception of how we look and feel. Make up, push up bra’s, a one-night stand or flattering forced compliments from your partner. For some reason however the things we do to feel beautiful often only solves the problem for the moment. If you are interested in […]

Babylon 5. One moment of perfect beauty

Stumbled upon an interesting assesment to the what-is-beauty discussion. Perfect beauty according to cyclops alien in the TV-series Babylon 5. Watch and judge for yourselves. According to me as distorted and disturbing as our westerns view on beauty today!

Beauty Playlist vol1.

For all you pondering web surfers outhere; if you just happen to come across this blog don’t feel obligated to read, think or even look. Just close your eyes and let your mind wonder while listening to this playlist containing some goodies that through melody or lyric reflect Enjoy! more playlists to come 🙂 […]