A Little Hate Never Hurt Anybody

This title is based on my opinion that being happy all the time and loving everything always is simply not healthy. The Coen brothers portrays this forced and constant obtimistic view on life in their latest movie ‘Burn After Reading‘ where two gym-employees finds a disc with top-secret CIA stuff, and decides to blackmail its owner. These two characters, including the personal trainer named Chad, played by Brad Pitt, are immensely stupid and naive. But they are also always positive when it is obvious that they really aren’t.

A little hate never hurt anyone – what I mean by this statement is that it’s ok to have a bad day, silently cursing people in the subway or squinting your eyes when somebody is overly happy. To be less like Chad and realize that the world’s won’t end just because you allow yourself to be ‘negative’. But keep away from cynicism, bitterness and envy, these are destructive emotions that will take over and make you all about the negativity.

You’re human and are entitled to form your own opinion and hold your own, and not feel like you have to put on a smiling face for everyone. Try to be angry and negative about something. Balance is important and if you are an optimistic person by nature a little hating from time to time will only be good for you.

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