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Songs about Beauty… or Beasts… Part 1

A while back we posted a playlist¬†of songs about beauty… and never looked back. I think it’s time we revamp this idea and give you a selection of songs (read: videos from our friends at YouTube… except, we have no friends at YouTube) that speak volumes about… beauty… and… uhm… bestiality? ¬† That was fun […]

We’re Back Baby!

Good God. It has been a very very strange year so far. I had fully intended to continue writing this blog, even wanting to step it up and write daily, but something happened… Actually lots of things happened, meaning that I’ve had to put pretty much everything on the back burner. But now we’re back… […]

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! The Beast will return as soon as the post-holiday-season-hangover-blues is cured… In the meantime, enjoy this piece of sentimental slop (sorry, had to be done): Playing it over and over again makes me feel a little happier that it’s already 2009… Need […]

Christmas is (nearly) here!

Deck the halls with jingle bells on a silent night while the Herald Angels sing! It’s Christmas dang it! I love Christmas, I really do. I’m the kind that needs Christmas to be extravagant, to be shamelessly ostentatious and over-the-top awesome. Why? Because it reminds me of being 5 years old, when Christmas was at […]

Beauty made in fairytales – Beauty and the Beast V.s Shrek

In the world of animated movies there two movies that corelates. Shrek and Beauty and the Beast. Though two completely different stories, from disimilar fairytale worlds the story about the grumpy ogre Shrek and the misserable and even more grumpy beast (orignially a Prince) both is about acceptance, love and alientation. What furthermore links them […]