Beauty is Unique

Are we born a blank slate?

Steven Pinker earlier this year released his book calle The Blank Slate where he challenges prior beliefs that man is born without any distinctions and uniqueness. A very interesting issue indeed as it easily crosses over to the domain of beauty. If we would follow the thought that claims that all of us are born without any kind of character and are shaped by culture, society, upbringing and social elements – this strongly encourages the view on all humans formed by others rather than themselves.

Pinker however suggests that we come to this world already bearing unique talents and traits. Every person on this planet is hence unique and thus beautiful in his/her own way. And still most of us still strive towards a more general perception of beauty. A stereotype enforced by the beauty industry, endorsed by super models and sold in comsetic stores all over the world.

Uniqueness is Beauty

Finding you inner uniqueness, what you were born with, will allow you to discover what makes you beautiful. Simple as that. Well, just because we were all born with it does not even half of us knows what it is. People spend lifetimes searching for it without completely finding it.

One simple advice to find your inner uniqueness is to ask your parents. Two people who’ve had the chance to observe you through out your birth, childhood and growth. If anybody knows what makes you unique it’s your blood relations.

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