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Wanna look like a super model – before or after photoshop?

What we desire isn’t even real? What we desire and aspire to look like has today turned into something that isn’t even real. Back in the days, the ‘super models’ signified a beauty that still was given only a lucky few, but could still be reached through training, staying in shape and lots of make-up. […]

Sometimes Beauty Can Be Scary

Well… beauty can be scary at Halloween, that is. I mean, in this competitive world, Halloween is the time of year when you will be most admired at your most “ugly” or scary. It’s a kind of bizarro-world where suddenly peer pressure is diverted towards outrageous caricatures of human fantasy… or something. And this year, […]

Talk To Your Daughter Before the Beauty Industry Does!

When I have talked about our distorted view on beauty in previous posts, if you’re not yet convinced take a look at this video by Dove Self-Esteem Fund. More specifically, it’s our objectification of women that is an issue, or objectification in general. An issue that more than often is classified as feministic mumbo-jumbo by […]

The Eyes – A Window to Our Soul!

Since this site is as much about inner beauty as outer we thought we would combine the two in a post about one of the human senses that can help us to appreciate both. The eyes is perhaps the one part of our body that applies to both inner and outer beauty. Not only to […]

Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty – Join the debate!

You-are-fine-the-way-you-look way of marketing and commercial gain is becoming quite the trend amongst cosmetic and beauty businesses. Dove released a new marketing campaign of 2008 – playing less on super models, layers of make up and coca-cola bottled curves and laying more emphasis on “real beauty”, real, normal people posing for the camera without any […]