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Sometimes Beauty Can Be Scary

Well… beauty can be scary at Halloween, that is. I mean, in this competitive world, Halloween is the time of year when you will be most admired at your most “ugly” or scary. It’s a kind of bizarro-world where suddenly peer pressure is diverted towards outrageous caricatures of human fantasy… or something. And this year, […]

10 Controversial Tips on How To Feel Beautiful

We all know the standard tricks to boast our perception of how we look and feel. Make up, push up bra’s, a one-night stand or flattering forced compliments from your partner. For some reason however the things we do to feel beautiful often only solves the problem for the moment. If you are interested in […]

Our Western Celebrity Obsession!

A picture of a celebrity is worth thousands of dollars in today’s paparazzi industry. Britney Spears in a crazy posture, Kate Moss’s apparent cellulitis in a tiny bikini, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aging biceps. The list is long of captures that have sent magazine sales through the roof. And there is no doubt that this obsession we […]

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund!

This is a quick shout out to the Self-Esteem Fund that has been created by cosmetics producer Dove in obvious attempts to build a new brand image but also to take the bull by the horns and deal with people’s, especially young womens, perceptions of their individual beauty. As  a result of its Campaign For […]