How We Deal With Conflicts – What does family got to do with it?

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It recently hit me that most of us act and confront conflicts much like we’ve always done during our upbringing and fights we’ve had within our families. When we later go on to form new ties, realtionships and hopefully families that behaviorial pattern often remains.

Now, there nothing strange about that. Rather self-explanatory actually. But it is interesting how we tackle conflicts within new relationsships like we’ve done when we’ve argued with our fathers, mothers or siblings. Wouldn’t it be more logical if we found new ways of dealing with disagreements and conflicts that happens in newer relationships rather than apply the same old conflict management methods?

How our personlities develops and our individual character takes shape are a direct result of our upbringing.  That’s the way it is for us humans. The way you solved conflicts and disagreements in the family when you grew is hence going to affect the way you handle conflicts for the rest of your life. With new boy -or girlfriends, husbands, wifes, daughters, sons, friends. From a more romantic approach this is perhaps the strongest way of remembering our history and past relationships.

how do we deal with conflict!

But, like I said earlier, what does family really got to do with it?  In order to maintain a healthy relationship and reaching beauty here’s a tip from the Beast:

People are different and obviously affected by prior engagements with other people. Recognize that but at the same time try to reach a individual platform for the relationship in question to stand on its own legs. Independent from earlier conflict management methods and experiences. When in a disagreement or fight with non-relative try to base the outcome and solution on the premises that exist between you and your partner.

Good luck!

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