Inner Beauty

What is Inner Beauty?

There is not one human being who has never felt the feeling of ugliness. It seems to be in our nature to be self-critical when it comes to our appearance, actions, character and values. We compare ourselves with others and far too often end up with the feeling of being second best or simply worse than others.

The western culture and society we live in are built on shallow grounds where our inner beauty and well being easily is tossed aside for an esthetically pleasing chin, nose or smile. But what is inner beauty and is it really important?

This blog is devoted to beauty, plain and simple, and hopefully we will together make some sense of this vague and broad adjective. I am not a preacher but a simple realist who have nothing else to do than to dwell in the infinite wonders of human behavior and perceptions.

In The Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is a word used most commonly to describe something or someone that is physically attractive and pleasing to look at. Not so many actually bother to connect the dots and realize that beauty is created not only by one feature but many qualities combined in one brilliant being. Beauty is hence not only about inner beauty but indeed in the eye of the beholder.


Beauty is in fact so related to the taste, personality, needs and demands of the beholder that what might be overlooked by many is often seen by that one special person. That is why love is such a powerful state of being, perhaps the most powerful. Existing based on a special connection between two or more people where the beauty of each individual is completely clear and desired and encouraged love is the ultimate acceptance of the inner beauty of oneself and of your loved ones.

As long as the love is pure and honest it feeds and strengthens the inner beauty ultimately making the outer beauty complete and obvious to anyone who bothers to look.


Bottom line is that inner beauty is very important and very much dependent on acknowledgement and encouragement. If you feel good about yourself, your appearance, actions, character and values it will show. Self-confidence has that funny way of perfecting your outer beauty, transcending flesh and bone, warming your skin and giving your look that living glow.

Inner beauty will make your shallow and physical worries go away and make apparent what is really important in life – love, interactions, communications, knowledge, experience, taking risks and living your life with no regrets nor that many anxiety attacks.