When talking about beauty we often mention the importance of self-confidence. It is simply something you have to establish in order to feel good about yourself and the life you lead.

How To Become Self-Confident?

Now, this is easier said than done I know but I have also been down the road of constantly doubting myself and the decisions I’ve made. When everybody else seems to be in total control of their lives I often felt very small and lost. But I managed to turn it around and so will you.

Make sure to get support and encouragement

Insecurities come from not getting enough support and encouragement. This is something everybody is in need of. Some get it from their parents when

growing up, hence more equipped and secured with themselves to tackle adulthood and new challenges.

Others have to rely on friends, boy or girlfriends, siblings, aunties and uncles etc to get the support and somebody to lean on that we all need.

This is why it is so important to get and give constructive feedback so you realize that you, by yourself, dependent on no one can make decisions and live with yourself.

Don’t become too dependant on other people

This might seem harsh and I don’t mean you shouldn’t engage and maintain relationships. Fact is a majority of the decision we make we make together with somebody else. Humans are group animals and we travel in herds but it is very important that we do not loose our independence. Managing on your own, solving problems and dealing with what ever might come in your way will result in a feeling of accomplishment and be able to take care of yourself.

This feeling is one of the best feelings in the world. Manage that and you will become much more self-confident. Respecting yourself is as important as it is to eat and sleep. Without it you will eventually loose yourself.

Your opinion is as valid as other’s

We all have somebody we look up to. Somebody whose words and opinions become more important than our own. This kind of relationship often develops between fathers and their daughters where a clear hierarchy and admiration of the father exists.

Caring what other people might think about you can be good in a certain amount but if it becomes to important you won’t be able to make a single decision on your own without asking what somebody what they think.

The Feeling of Accomplishment

The ability to act and live confident in yourself will help you a lot in learning the potentials you have. Being independent and making decisions and solving problems on you own will boost your self-confidence and reward you with a feeling of accomplishment. It is the best feeling in the world.