Feeling Beautiful=Looking Beautiful

Even though this blog focuses a large amount of its content on inner beauty and whether or not our view of beauty may have been distorded it is also a fact that feeling beautiful and looking beautiful are strongly connected. This has been explained before in earlier posts and we at BeautyByTheBeast feel that this codepedence between inner and outer beauty should be further celebrated.

Attributes we use to enhance our looks is, though maybe not in it self the answer to self-confidence and feeling beautiful, a great part of liking yourself. Such things as clothes, CDs, tech-gadgets and most importantly; cosmetics do matter and anyone who has suffered through being a teenager knows this.

The Advantages of Make-Up

Taking a more platonic approach to this topic, let’s start with establishing the more anatomic reasons as to why cosmetics and make-up could be considered an advantage. Mortals as most of us are our bodies are constantly changing. Of course this is not entirely out of our control when eating healthy and excercising are popular ways to control this change. But nonetheless, due to the fact that our bodies age and respond differently to hormones and other substances, appearance and our outer beauty are constantly affected by the human anatomy.

Having said this, the prospect of having access to skin-care products and even cosmetical surgery seems like the ultimate solution. We can as far as saying it is a definite advantage in fighting the cruel elements of aging.

Too much make up!

the result of too muc make up - the Poison Cats
In an attempt to provide some fashion advice we are going ahead with the suggestion that too much make up simply is too much. By now you have probably gotten a good look at the Poison Cat-image above and are willing to agree that there is a limit to how much powder, eye-lash or lipstick a person should wear. The guys in this 80s music glam-group perhaps have had no saying during the make-up session before the photo-shoot but we can only hope that they normally cut down a bit on the rouge.

However, since anybody should wear the amount of make-up they want and need to feel beautiful (or perhaps deal with their issues of always trying to cover up the way the look) we will to sum this make-up reasoning with a more scientific approach.

Using many layers of make-up on your skin will infact not favor your looks. At least not in the long run. For you skin to remain healthy you have to not only eat less chocolate and fat food but also excersice and most importantly; let your skin breath. If you are always covered up with tons of make-up your skin woun’t be able to exhale and sweat out unhealthy toxins through the skin. The sweat will remain stuck under the layers of cosmetics and eventually irritate your skin casuing infections and acne.

If you need advice and tips on how to do proper make-up check out our favorite Tyra Banks’s Private Make-Up Lesson. Good luck/TheBeast