Sometimes Beauty Can Be Scary

Sasquatch aka BigFoot aka JimWell… beauty can be scary at Halloween, that is. I mean, in this competitive world, Halloween is the time of year when you will be most admired at your most “ugly” or scary. It’s a kind of bizarro-world where suddenly peer pressure is diverted towards outrageous caricatures of human fantasy… or something.

And this year, I had a really “unscary” Halloween. My office threw a Halloween party and round these here parts it’s become a tradition to try to outdo everyone else, costume-wise. The person with the most over the top costume wins movie tickets, or a free dinner, or a gift voucher or something. That’s not what it’s about, of course. It’s about having the most kick-ass costume ever and thus finally gaining the respect of your colleagues! At least for one night…

Last year, I couldn’t make it because I got the flu. This girl from accounting won – she came decked out as Jessica Rabbit… Not enough commitment, you protest? Well, she is 5’2″, skinny, and has black hair. That’s right, for one night at an office party, she dyed her hair cartoon-red, wore the mother of all push-up bras, added padding on her hips to become more voluptuous, and balanced on 6 inch heels.

So this year? My costume sucked, I went as a punk: spikey hair, Doc Martens with red laces, ripped tight jeans, an Exploited t-shirt, and fake “punk” tattoos. No way I could have won. And I didn’t. Sasquatch won. Yes indeed, one of our IT guys got the most realistic BigFoot costume ever on and now he is the coolest guy at work.

It’s funny how people always find something to compete in. We all want the praise and attention from our peers, but in most instances, this admiration is for superficial attribute: nice haircut, cool jeans, love the new dress… or awesome bigfoot costume Jim.

Damn Jim and his tickets to Quantum of Solace… Next year, the prize shall be mine!

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