Talk To Your Daughter Before the Beauty Industry Does!

When I have talked about our distorted view on beauty in previous posts, if you’re not yet convinced take a look at this video by Dove Self-Esteem Fund. More specifically, it’s our objectification of women that is an issue, or objectification in general. An issue that more than often is classified as feministic mumbo-jumbo by conservative people. However, when it comes to fighting female stereotype, males of this earth are not the enemy.

Sure a good share of them like to objectify women to their physical shapes and figure, but then again so is the animal kingdom built. We are very much driven by animal instincts and though it is not an excuse for treating women or men in an inconsiderate way, it definitely helps to explain a certain behavior.

No, the enemy is indeed the beauty industry, men and women who are selling products through marketing campaigns with a clear focus: outer beauty, sex and a very distorted view on beauty.

I hence advice every parent to talk to your children before the beauty industry does. Physical attraction, sex and outer beauty are all wonderful things and essential parts of what it is to live. However, it does not belong in ads and campaigns nor does it belong convincing our children that being beautiful is having the perfect body.

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