The Eyes – A Window to Our Soul!

Since this site is as much about inner beauty as outer we thought we would combine the two in a post about one of the human senses that can help us to appreciate both. The eyes is perhaps the one part of our body that applies to both inner and outer beauty. Not only to they carry a color and mysterious pattern of the iris but are also said to be the window through which our soul, and inner beauty, can be truly felt.

When a common belief is that cosmetics and make-up are shallow tools to lay attention only on outer beauty and vanity, we like to claim otherwise. To enhance the eyes is like opening the window, rip off the curtains and let everyone see how beautiful you are. Eye-liner is thus our choice of make-up. And perhaps some lipstick to caress the words, thoughts and ideas that are comming out of your mouth. So, for the believers of make-up to only be for Paris Hiltons and Super Models, eye-liner and lipstick can be considered a tool rather to bring out the inner beauty in you than hide behind a mask.

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