Urban Beauty – Like a Deer in Headlights

urban angel - beauty obsession documented

As I was walking the streets of Lisboa, Portugal I walked passed what seemed to be a photo shoot in the middle of the street. A thick crowd had gathered to watch this beauty of a photo model as she was posing for the camera and crew were running around fixing lights and such.

From a distance I took my camera and focus on the urban beauty for a shot to document this seemingly unusual event. And as I looked through the lens at the young photo model she turned her head, intensely looking directly into my camera. Her expression said it all. Like a deer in headlights her face looked almost frightened. A moment of truth. A moment that pretty clearly documents our obsession with outer female beauty. And sure, she was a beauty but the true beauty lied more in the situation. People looking at her with admiration and curiosity and her, the urban angel, finding herself in the core of a surrounding caos.

I wonder what she was thinking?

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