Wanna look like a super model – before or after photoshop?

What we desire isn’t even real?

What we desire and aspire to look like has today turned into something that isn’t even real. Back in the days, the ‘super models’ signified a beauty that still was given only a lucky few, but could still be reached through training, staying in shape and lots of make-up.

Today, as a result of digital modernisation what we look at, the celebrities and models on posters and in magazines aren’t even real. Photoshopped till the break of recognition, necks are elevated, mole erased, hair color and volume changed and skin smoothened to a silky clean surface.

Photoshopped super models and celebrities – Before and After

Cameron Diaz – Before




As you can see the beauty we grace in every magazine, poster, TV-commercial and newspaper has been altered. Yet another clear testament to our distorted view on beauty. But then again, now thanks to photoshop and the art of retouching – even I can be beautiful 🙂

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