Who is the most fashionable and beautiful of all American first ladies?

43 presidents and about 300 years later, it is time to conclude which of the first ladies has/had the best eye for fashion. Compared and listed below are all the first ladies in American – who have represented the american dream, the perfect +middle aged American woman but also many times a quite dull taste for fashion and outer beauty. You decide youself who of our history’s 43 first ladies has the best sense for fashion. Enter your vote as a comment to this post and a winner shall be crowned in the week to come.

1. Martha Washington (Mrs. George Washington)

2. Abigail Adams Smith (Mrs. John Adams)

3. Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (Mrs.Thomas Jefferson)

4. Dolley Payne Todd Madison (Mrs. James Madison)

5. Elizabeth Kortright Monroe (Mrs. James Monroe)

6. Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams (Mrs. John Quincy Adams)

7. Rachel Donelson Jackson (Mrs. Andrew Jackson)

8. Hannah Hoes Van Buren (Mrs. Martin Van Buren)

9. Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison (Mrs. William Henry Harrison)

10. Letitia Christian Tyler (Mrs. John Tyler)

11. Julia Gardiner Tyler (Mrs. John Taylor)

12. Sarah Childress Polk (Mrs. James K. Polk.)

13. Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor (Mrs. Zachary Taylor)

14. Abigail Powers Fillmore (Mrs. Millard Fillmore)

15. Jane Means Appleton Pierce (Mrs. Franklin Pierce)

16. Harriet Lane (niece of James Buchanan, only president never to get married)

17. Mary Todd Lincoln (Mrs. Abraham Lincoln)

18.Eliza McCardle Johnson (Mrs. Andrew Johnson)

19. Julia Dent Grant (Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant)

20. Lucy Ware Webb Hayes (Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes)

21. Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (Mrs. James A. Garfield)

22. Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur (Mrs. Chester A. Arthur)

23. Frances Folsom Cleveland (Mrs. Grover Cleveland)

24. Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison (Mrs. Benjamin Harrison)

25. Ida Saxton McKinley (Mrs. William McKinley)

26. Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt)

27. Helen Herron Taft (Mrs. William Howard Taft)

28. Ellen Louise Axson Wilson (Mrs. Wodrow Wilson)

29. Florence Kling Harding (Mrs. Warren G. Harding)

30. Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge (Mrs. Calvin Coolidge)

31. Lou Henry Hoover (Mrs. Herbert Hoover)

32. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt)

33. Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman (Mrs. Harry S. Truman)

34. Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower (Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower)

35. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (Mrs. John F. Kennedy)

36. Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson (Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson)

37. Patricia Ryan Nixon (Mrs. Richard M. Nixon)

38. Elizabeth Bloomer Ford (Mrs. Gerald R. Ford)

39. Rosalynn Smith Carter (Mrs. Jimmy Carter)

40. Nancy Davis Reagan (Mrs. Ronald Reagan)

41. Barbara Pierce Bush (Mrs. George Bush)

42. Hillary Rodham Clinton (Mrs. Bill Clinton)

43. Laura Bush (Mrs. George W. Bush)

44. Michelle Obama ( Mrs. Barack H. Obama)

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