Our Western Celebrity Obsession!

A picture of a celebrity is worth thousands of dollars in today’s paparazzi industry. Britney Spears in a crazy posture, Kate Moss’s apparent cellulitis in a tiny bikini, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aging biceps. The list is long of captures that have sent magazine sales through the roof. And there is no doubt that this obsession we in the west have created around celebrities is affecting our perception of beauty. The celebrity magazines are on a witch-hunt trying to find the worst looking, less beautiful celebrity in the baddest physical shape and it makes me sick how we can objectify actual human beings to the extent of publishing personal pictures of how a certain person looks. Even if they are celebrities.

How come we are so obsessed in judging and gasping about a perfect stranger’s physical condition? Why aren’t people with known actor, music and entertainment achievements celebrated for their careers rather than how they look? What makes celebrities so inhuman that we treat them like they lack any kind of emtions?

For this post I have no answer and I would love to hear some of your opinions about our western celebrity culture!

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