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Are you better off without your parents?

A tough topic. On the mere contemplation we react instinctively. As if somebody has cried “Bomb” in an airport we head for the door, a quick exit. But the reason we avoid the question is not out of panic but as a direct response to a nearby emotion – guilt. Parents make us feel guilty. […]

Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty – Join the debate!

You-are-fine-the-way-you-look way of marketing and commercial gain is becoming quite the trend amongst cosmetic and beauty businesses. Dove released a new marketing campaign of 2008 – playing less on super models, layers of make up and coca-cola bottled curves and laying more emphasis on “real beauty”, real, normal people posing for the camera without any […]

How We Deal With Conflicts – What does family got to do with it?

Hi all! It recently hit me that most of us act and confront conflicts much like we’ve always done during our upbringing and fights we’ve had within our families. When we later go on to form new ties, realtionships and hopefully families that behaviorial pattern often remains. Now, there nothing strange about that. Rather self-explanatory […]