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Fuck You – I’m beautiful!

Attitude, being able to bite back, self-respect and not letting anybody put you down. These are all highly contributing factors to feeling beautiful. Insecurities are often the gateway to being pushed around, mocked, bossed around and looked down on. Being able to say no, react, not letting anybody having a laugh on your behalf or […]

A Little Hate Never Hurt Anybody

This title is based on my opinion that being happy all the time and loving everything always is simply not healthy. The Coen brothers portrays this forced and constant obtimistic view on life in their latest movie ‘Burn After Reading‘ where two gym-employees finds a disc with top-secret CIA stuff, and decides to blackmail its […]

10 Controversial Tips on How To Feel Beautiful

We all know the standard tricks to boast our perception of how we look and feel. Make up, push up bra’s, a one-night stand or flattering forced compliments from your partner. For some reason however the things we do to feel beautiful often only solves the problem for the moment. If you are interested in […]

Beauty is Unique

Are we born a blank slate? Steven Pinker earlier this year released his book calle The Blank Slate where he challenges prior beliefs that man is born without any distinctions and uniqueness. A very interesting issue indeed as it easily crosses over to the domain of beauty. If we would follow the thought that claims […]